What Our Clients Say

What do our Clients Say about us?


October 2011

Pittsburg, CA



Thank you for coming to our baby shower and supporting us. You have done so much with helping our family. We are now in our first home and waiting for our little girl to finish our family. We wouldn't be here withour your help.

Thank you,


Maeda Family









Oakley, CA.

                       You guys are the Best, Thank You for handling this property, I never had a real estate transaction go so smoothly, A real credit to You.



Greetings Olivia,

I'm so sorry that it has taken me this long to write to you. I wanted to let you know that we truly had a wonderful house-hunting and buying experience with you. We had a mix of emotions, frustrations and even lots of craziness....but the bottom line is that with your time, effort, great wisdom, and help, we were able to become homeowners again!!!! That is the most wonderful thing in the world! We absolutely love this house and the fact that it's in our prime location and just around the corner from work! It will be 3 months soon, since  moving in, and although the "home projects" are slowly coming along....we still have a long way to go and all of the time in the world to make it our own. I just wanted to let you know that although I'm not calling or emailing you daily like I used to.....you are thought of often, and are so very much appreciated! We have not and won't ever forget the tremendous help you were and the fact that we feel like we have gained a wonderful lifelong friendship with you!

We still plan on arranging for a BBQ (house-warming) get together sometime in the near future....so I will give you advance notice, as I know you have a very hectic schedule! I hope that you and your husband will be able to attend. We would love to introduce you to the rest of our family as they have all heard of our wonderful experience with you!

I hope you and your family are doing well (including all of your lil grandchildren : -P ). I am sure that you are plenty busy with all of your new clients! Take care and talk to you very soon.

As always, please keep in touch!!!

Warmest Regards and Best Wishes,

Erick & Elise Green

Antioch, CA



Mike & Olivia,
I am sure I speak on behalf of Jon and myself, when I say we were very pleased with the experience we had working with you both.  Here are a few reasons why:
~You were always available to us when we wanted to view the home we were purchasing or just to answer questions
~You were able to instill a sense of trust in us that we needed to be reassured we were making a good decision
~You were both very friendly, you felt like part of the family by the time our purchase was complete
~Your knowledge of the industry and processes helped make the purchase go smoothly
~You were able to make recommendations for other services such as carpet cleaning, roof repairs, home inspections, which really took a load off of us, and we have been   
  very pleased with the quality of work provided.
I hope this gives you a little insight into our experience working with you, and our willingness to recommend you to others in the future!
Have a great weekend!!
Jon & Michelle Colefield ;-)

Brentwood, CA


December 2008


       I really want you to know how much I appreciate the effort you put forth in this lease, I know I am a difficult client with the credit blemishes, but you never let that slow you down. I think I am going to enjoy living there very much, Scott and Laura were a very nice couple and I will treat their property with the same care they obviously have.

Again Olivia ,  Thank You Very Much,


Discovery Bay, CA


January 30, 2009


This would not have become a reality without you. Thank you from our hearts for staying by our sides and most of all believing in us. We are forever grateful to you and will never forget the times we spent together.

I still plan a BBQ (bought one) & you and Mike are coming- Also, we have a little thank you gift to pass your way.

Home is where the heart is & the Bernes's go.

Our Love,

Brad & Grace

Antioch, CA